With Love by RajeWith Love by Raje


DSC_2470 I am Raje. For the last 15 years I’ve been traveling around the world with beautiful people who organize, perform, and share the wonderful spiritual aspects of Indian culture in the form of the colorful Festival of India. While I was a member of the festival I performed as an actress and dancer, organized vegetarian and vegan cooking demonstrations, led the stage program as Master of Ceremony, and I also wrote a vegan cookbook, With Love. I am registered and certified, practicing yoga teacher as well. I love to teach, I love to learn and Yoga is my strong addiction. I cant live without it:)

For all those years of traveling, meeting new people, living and working in different, sometimes very austere conditions, I’ve learned that the most beautiful thing, the thing that brings the greatest happiness inside the heart, is to share with others, share the jewels of our life…not just the material only, but the real jewels, the ones that help us in everyday life to find the important existential answers, the ones that keep us smiling and bring sense to our life.

For me it is important to share with you the beauty of deep practice of yoga in everyday life, which opens completely new possibility of living healthy and happy life in harmony with everybody and everything around, the life of regulation, responsibility, awareness, the life of higher consciousness.